Suhagra is same as Viagra which is manufacture by brand name “Cipla”. As we all know Cipla products are quality tested which are approved for use in world wide. As it is similar to Viagra is helps in treating of erectile dysfunction which is more common in older men. It is very strong medication for male impotent. It is safe and easy to treat ED, which also declared by FDA. It contains sildenafil which make the blood flow in penis.
Suhagra is yet another successful variant of Viagra. It contains Sildenafil Citrate that prevents the degradation of neural messengers like cGMP by inhibiting PDE5. These messengers make the brain aware of stimulation and thus enable erection. It also aids in strong erection by enlarging the blood vessels to enhance the blood flow to the blood vessels in the penile region, resulting in the collection of blood and sustains the erection by constricting the veins so as to prevent back-flow. Regular use of Suhagra is instrumental in curing erectile problems and further enhancing the state of erection thus giving heightened satisfaction.