Generic Levitra is a registered brand name of leading pharmaceutical giant “BAYER”. Vardenafil is the key component in this drug and is known to treat Erectile Dysfunction and ED related issues. The Vardenafil’s effects have been clinically proven and the brand-name drug is FDA approved and available in the US as a prescription medication.
Generic Levitra as the name suggests is a generic version of Levitra. Levitra is one of the reliable drugs used to treat impotency. However, due to excessive hype it now costs a huge sum which cannot be afforded by most and even if can be afforded is waste of money. Along with the hassles of prescriptive ordering and evidentiary documents. Generic Levitra contains Vardenafil, a chemical constituent that prevents the degradation of chemical messengers who are responsible for erection. Thus it inhibits chemical messenger degraders like PDE-5 and thus initiates erection and helps sustain it. Its mode of action is similar to Levitra and so are its components. Generic Levitra will free you of all sexual dysfunctional and related problems.