Weight gain and obesity is rapidly increasing day by day in many people. To treat this entire problem there is only one medication that is Generic Acomplia. This drug has come up as a boon for obese people. Generic Acomplia is an anti obesity drug. The main ingredient of this drug is Rimonabant. Intake of Generic Acomplia causes long term weight loss, up to two years or more than that. Generic Acomplia also assists in the lowering of HDLs (bad cholesterol) and raises LDLs (good cholesterol).Generic Acomplia is derivative Of Acomplia. It consists of Rimonabant which is a medication that acts on the neural messengers, thereby suppressing appetite. Appetite is the feeling of hunger. The more appetite a person has, the hungrier he feels and the more he eats. Rimonabant by suppressing the appetite prevents the over-eating which causes fats to build up in the body. It also regulates healthy eating. However, this medication should be taken in moderation. Excessive usage may cause anorexia nervosa and other such disorders. Proper regulated dose is recommended and gives good results.