WorldPharmaRx steadfast endeavor is customer satisfaction where we provide our customers with superior products at honest prices. Bearing that is mind we have the refund and cash back policies. We provide 100% money back for:

  • Untimely delivery of products
  • Delivery of damaged products
  • Since we take your health very seriously we reship your products free of cost in case of
  • Dissatisfaction with our products or services
  • Delivery of wrong goods due to an error from our side. Post a check in our database; we will reship the correct products.
  • Delivery of damaged products
  • Dispatch at a wrong address due to an inaccuracy in our system.


In case of delivery of wrong or damaged products, customer need not return the goods. On placing a request, we will reship the products free cost.


A customer can cancel the order within 24 hours provided it`s not been dispatched from our side.

How to obtain refund/reshipment

Opting for refund/reship is simple. Just follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Contact customer support via email or the toll free number and state your case
  • Kindly mention the order number and reason for cancellation or reshipment while placing the request.
  • Customer support will check the details and trace the order.
  • Refund – If the order has not yet been dispatched or dispatched at a wrong address, refund will be initiated
  • Reship – If the request meets the above mentioned criteria, the product will be reshipped