Orders Status

Procedure to place an order?

Once you log on to the website then you need to Select the product & you need to buy, first get registered with our website, and make the necessary payment. This way you would be able to place a successful order.

What happens after I place an order?

Once your order is successfully approved with us then it will be forwarded to the pharmacy for fulfillment and shipment the same day. We will let you know your order status once your order has been processed.

Can I track my order on line with the tracking number?

You can contact our customer support team any time to get the information about tracking of the delivery parcel Our customer support executive will provide you the appropriate information about tracking.

How do I cancel my order?

For cancellations of the order which you have place with us you need to contact our customer support team by email and by toll free number within the 24 hours of placing the order any. After 24 hours, we will not entertain cancellation requests.

General Questions

Is it illegal to buy drugs from abroad settled online pharmacy without prescription?

No. it legal to buy drugs without prescription from overseas settled online pharmacy with the help of internet you can easily purchase the medication. Now a day`s people from around the world easily fulfill their prescription without stepping out from there home. We have posted several news stories that prove this process is completely legal.

Medicines purchase from overseas are safe to use?

Medications are manufactured overseas under license and are approved by FDA from the country of their manufacturer .They are regulated, tested and in most cases are find as safe as any medication manufactured in the other countries. These products are guaranteed high quality products.

Is it necessary to remember the foreign names of the medicines for placing the order with online pharmacy?

No the pills can be ordered by the brand name or the Generic Name which is mention on the drugs on the other way we can also provide you with the name of the drug in there respected languages so, that they can find the generic name of the particular medicine.

It is advantageous to buy from on line drug store?

If you know that which type of medications your doctor prescribes then you can not only save time but you can also save your money .people prefer buying drugs on line & good news is that if they are making purchase from other country then it can save their lot of money & give great saving.

What kind of medicine does worldpharmarx .com deals with?

Worldpharmarx.com deals all kind of generic drugs as well as branded drugs we offer offers quality medications at reasonable prices available on internet & also these drugs are approved by the FDA of the respective country Generic Drugs are equally effective like its branded counterparts. Moreover generic drugs are less costly.


Is there any problem if I purchase the medicine from online pharmacies?

According to our knowledge we have never seen issue in which due to import of drug from our online anyone has come in any legal problem. This can be confirmed by visiting the Customs website for a particular country. There are chances of facing the trouble if you import the drugs that are banned in your country. So, we recommend you to consult the doctor before ordering any medication online. If you have the prescription for the particular medicine then you have a complete right to buy the medicines from the online pharmacy.

Delivery Questions

When can I expect the order delivery?

Your order is totally depend on the mode of shipment you have chosen. For Express shipment delivery time frame will be 8-13working days & For Registered Post shipment 15-20 days.

Do you make the delivery all over the world?

Yes we do provide the delivery all over the world the important is that customer has to provide with the proper address with their respective Zip Code.

What if my parcel is lost?

If your order is lost in transportation then we will provide a new shipment that will be free of cost. But it happens in rare cases. But we are not responsible if you provide us with your wrong mailing address.

Can two different orders be sent in the same box?

No. It is one box per client. Two unlike purchasers orders cannot be shipped within the same box even if they exist in at the same address. Customs may delay or grab such shipments.