This drug Minoxidil is generic version of brand Rogaine. Generic Minoxidil is the perfect solution for treating hair loss issue in men and women and it works in same effective way for treating hair loss issue just like its brand does. This drug is from one of the best clinically proven drug for treating hair loss as well for enhancing hair growth. It has seen that the problem of hair loss occurs of oxygen, blood supply and nutrients in the scalp. Generic Minoxidil is the drug to overcome from the problem of hair loss. Generic Minoxidil is a generic version of Minoxidil,a medication that is known to cause regrowth and darkening of fine hairs. It was originally created to cure hypertension but its hair growing property was actually a side-effect. However, this side-effect turned out to be aboom for those suffering from hair loss. The best thing about this medication is thatits jhust as effective for both men and women. Periodic use of this medicine can cause lasting hair growth. however, after growth of hair, this hair needs to be given good care.