Meltabs is 100% cure for male impotence. It contains sildenafil which is mixed in the gel like substance which activate within 20 minutes. This medication melts on its own when kept it below the tongue. It contains sildenafil which helps arteries and vein of penis to open up and result in proper blood flow in penis. Sildennafil is FDA approved medication to treat male impotence.

Meltabs are similar to soft tabs, however they get instantly dissolved to facilitate erection. Inspite of this instantaneous seeping into blood-stream it doesn’t cause any problems. Meltabs contain Sildenafil, a constituent used to cure impotency. However it is created in a specialised gel like format to enable instant dissolving. It lasts just as long as the hard tabs, however its activation time is significantly reduces as a result of its physical structure and thus it needs to be taken onlyt some time time beforehand. It displays the versatility of Sildenafil in terms of structural format and action time, according to customer needs. Meltabs are suitable for the elderly who find it difficult to ingest the hard tabs, however it can be used by young people as well depending on choice.