Generic Zyban is an anti-smoking drug. Generic Zyban is very effective in ceasing smoking. Bupropion is an active constituent that treat the systems of smoking and helps the person to quit smoking. Intake of this medication will help you to reduce the habit of smoking. With the help of Generic Zyban within 3 to 4 months time you will able to overcome the smoking habit completely. Generic Zyban is a prescription medication hence you should consult a doctor before the intake of this drug.
Generic Zyban is the generic variant of Zyban which constitutes Bupropion which is a prescribed medicine for smoking cessation. Bupropion is not a factor of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Rather it acts on the dopamine transporters in the body. Dopamine is responsible in controlling the reward and pleasure centers in the body. Inactivity or dysfunction dopamine is what leads to addiction.Thus acting on dopamine transporters this medication reduces craving for nicotine and thereby the addiction.