Edegra comes from the house of Sun Pharmaceuticals and it’s their brand to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Sildenafil Citrate is the active component and all the pharmacokinetic features are the same as that of Generic Viagra. Edegra comes in a pink colored pill and the difference is only in the name by which it is prescribed. Due to its brand, Edegra is preferred worldwide among physicians to treat impotence and ED.
Edegra is a coral-pink coloured circular medicine that will help break-through the vicious cycle of Impotency and Erectile Dysfunction. Its soft pink shade signifies the onset of new love. Using Edegra, you will feel that you are not improving your love life but instead you’re starting a new one uninhibited by any sexual anomalies. Having Sildenafil as its main component, Edegra clears the blood vessels, enlarges them to facilitate speedy blood circulation, thereby guiding the blood toward the penile region in order to effect an erection.Sildenafil is an FDA approved medication used to alleviate the symptoms of patients suffering from angina pectoris, in other words heart attack. So you can understand, just how effective it must be. Take Edegra, half an hour before going ahead with intimate actions.